GREEN PEARL - Eau De Parfum - 65ml


GREEN PEARL an Eau de Parfum by JRIP is a stunning Unisex fragrance capturing notes of Juniper berries, Leather accord, jasmine and Honey to reveal layers of Birch, Amber, Pink pepper and delicately introduced notes of iris and Bergamot. This is a fragrance that is simple in its complexity, inviting and intoxicating and lingers comfortably on your skin.

Top notes

Spicy Green, Pink pepper, Juniper berry, Lemon, Galbanum, Mate Tea, Bergamot

Middle Notes

Jasmine, Oris, Iris Concrete Leather Accord, Clary Sage, Flouve

Base Notes

Leather Accord, Ambery Woody, Birch, Cedarwood, Honey, Amber.